The past decade has demonstrated a growing trend of conducting business in an environment that is subjected to greater scrutiny, legislative obligations, and stakeholder demands. Managing and controlling data is a core business activity and failure to do so can lead to significant reputational damage, financial loss and reduced levels of trust from customers and the public.

In response to these challenges, iTrust Ethics designed 2 frameworks:

  • iTrust Ethics Capability Framework™
  • iTrust Ethics Collaboration Framework™

Both frameworks enable our clients to create and implement sustainable compliance frameworks in line with best known practices.

People are becoming more concerned about the ethical use of their data; driving a growing demand for greater accountability and credible practices of the management and control of data and specifically their communications data.

At iTrust Ethics we believe businesses can gain a competitive advantage by focussing on the importance of implementing ethical practices for data management and building climates of trust within and outside their organisations.

"Twenty years of academic research shows us that high trust climates, perform better, achieve higher sales, have a lower turnover of employees, attract and maintain talent."
Professor Finian Buckley of DCU (one of two hundred trust experts in the world)