Our CEO, Maureen (bottom right), at the 2019 World Anti-Bullying Forum, Dublin City University

Living Our Purpose

Our purpose is to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reason.

From our inception, ethical standards and being socially conscious have been embedded in our culture and we are proud to say we have incorporated this ethos into the running of our business. Our team is actively involved in a number of partnerships with socially conscious organisations that tackle real societal issues.

Together we aim to play a part in positively shaping a better society.

Online Safety of Children

Our team are proactively involved in the protection and education of online safety for children.

We recognise that children live in a digital world and with that brings new challenges. Our advocacy is in helping children to build digital resilience by promoting the positive use of technology while educating young people of its harms.

Supporting the aims of the ISPCC, Ireland’s national child protection charity, iTrust Ethics is a passionate member of the Online Safety Advisory Group, which promotes best practice in online safety for children.


iTrust Ethics supports the aim to eliminate bullying from the lives of children and young people all over the world.

Our CEO, Maureen King is a member of the Advisory Board of the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre (ABC) in Dublin City University.

ABC leads the field of research, resource development and training in bullying and were the first in Ireland to undertake research on school, workplace, homophobic and cyber bullying. ABC is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in bullying research.


iTrust Ethics believes that every young person has the right to access education and actively mentors young people to choose pathways of education to be the best they can be.

We are proud supporters of the Dublin City University Access Programme which provides a pathway to third-level education for students from socio‐economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Supporting Youths - HalfTimeTalk

Our team actively volunteer with the charitable movement HalfTimeTalk, founded by Dublin GAA Footballer Philly McMahon. The purpose of the charity is to transform peoples lives through education.

Our CEO, Maureen King is chair of the board and actively supports the aims of the charity to help young people in high risk communities build self confidence, self esteem, life skills, employability and well being, to enhance their social inclusion.