Our Services

Our services support our clients in identifying, managing and responding to strategic, reputational and operational risks associated with the management of communications data.

Leading specialists in compliance with the Communications (Retention of Data) Act 2011

We are the first Irish advisory company to bring together a dedicated and experienced team to provide advice and guidance on compliance with the Communications (Retention of Data) Act 2011.

We deliver essential insight and expert knowledge, based on our extensive practitioner experience in the Telecommunication sector and Law Enforcement specific to the management of communications data.

Services Framework

Conducting business in a nationally and internationally VUCA world has become increasingly complex, operating within environments that are subject to greater scrutiny, legislative obligations, and stakeholder demands. iTrust Ethics has the expertise and experience to help you meet these demands by providing assurances that can enable you to build trust with your customers, key stakeholders, the market and regulatory bodies.

Our services are underpinned by two frameworks designed to enable our clients to create and implement sustainable compliance strategies.

  • iTrust Ethics Collaboration Framework™
  • iTrust Ethics Capability Framework™

Need help navigating the complexity of the legal and regulatory environments?

We leverage our internal expertise and that of our trusted partners to deliver advice and IT security solutions designed to implement sustainable compliance strategies.

Advisory Services

iTrust Ethics provides advice and guidance to enable our clients to identify, manage and control risks associated with the management of communications data.

  • iTrust Ethics Business Review
  • iTrust Ethics Independent Assurance Review
  • iTrust Ethics Training Programme
  • iTrust Ethics Executive Workshops
  • iTrust Ethics Peer Review
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Unparalled Expertise

We bring a significant independent point of view, objectivity and implementation advantage.

Independent Assurance

We provide assurances to key stakeholders that compliance is in line with best known practices.

Risk Identification

We identify non-compliance risks, mitigating controls and training needs for key resources.

Operational Effectiveness and Efficiencies

We identify key areas of focus through improved processes, automated solutions and outsource models.

Sustainable Compliance

We share and transfer our knowledge and insights to your organisation with a focus on delivering sustainable compliance frameworks.